Wednesday, March 10, 2010

That's Entertainment!

On his daily radio program Rush Limbaugh has warned that if health care reform passes, "I will leave the country." At last Americans have a real incentive to favor passage of this bill. Limbaugh's departure would make America a better place, and the country will have taken a positive step toward conquering obesity as well!

Meanwhile, in another sign it was a bad day for right-wing loons, Glenn Beck announced his program, entirely devoted to a live interview with former Congressman Eric Massa, was a "waste of time." From a sane person's perspective that is an improvement over the usual negative diatribes Beck subjects his listeners to.

Both of these occurrences show these men for what they are: "commercial" conservatives. In other words, they exploit conservatism, those who allow their conservative passions to overcome their comity and sanity, those who are susceptible to conspiracy theories and those who are on the lunar fringe of America. Regretfully there are a few million people who fall into this category, enough to attract some advertisers.

For these two purveyors of hate and distortion the motive is big bucks and egomania. To feed their voracious greed and need for attention they pour gasoline on flames, they shout "fire" in a crowded theater and they scare and fear-monger.

Ironically, they use the rights given them by the Founding Fathers to achieve personal gain while damaging the country. That's entertainment!

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