Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She's Fourteen

It is so hard to believe that she has reached her fourteenth year.

This morning I went into Zoe's bedroom at 6:55am to give her a birthday kiss. I stood and looked down at her sleeping comfortably in her bed, surrounded by dolls and Cleo, our Maltese. I remembered doing much the same 13 years ago, on her first birthday. Of course, even then I would slip into her bedroom whenever I heard a suspicious sound, "Is she okay, is she breathing?"

I have made hundreds of early morning wake up visits to Zoe's bedside. But this time I wondered, "How many more?" She is growing up so fast. Soon she will be in high school. In two years she will be eligible to drive (are you kidding me, we don't even own a car!).

I guess the point is, I will enjoy every precious moment I have with her. Happy birthday sweetheart!

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