Monday, March 1, 2010

Cleo Stress Tests

It has been a rough weekend for Cleo. She has been emersed in her mid term exam studies, slogging through science, math, Latin and the American constitution, working like a dog!

There are four critical exams this week covering the entire year's studies. Does she know the difference between the sixth amendment and the tenth amendment? Does she understand the difference between a divergent and a convergent plate? Can she solve and plot a series of complicated percentages? Carpe Diem, as they say!

Amidst all the work and pressure, Cleo has had trouble sleeping and eating. Her school work is truly dogging her. She paced back and forth from one bedroom to another several times at night in search of peace and tranquility. While she was able to take a moment's comfort eating her dry meal and lapping up some water from her bowl, the anxiety weighed heavily on her. Most troubling were the whimpering and growling sounds emanating from deep inside her soul as she slept. She was living a nightmare. As a consequence she was dog tired most of the day.

But if you count Cleo out you'll be barking up the wrong tree! Down deep inside she knows she can do well. Yes, you may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks. But Cleo is still a young lady, and she has great pedigree!

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