Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Carrie Underwood

I met Carrie Underwood at Fox News yesterday. I found her to be a most delightful person with a warm and friendly demeanor.

It turns out she was traveling with a "decoy," a body double, who apparently goes on public events with her. Not that Fox News isn't a safe place for a beautiful blond superstar. She also had a small security contingent and a PR team along for the visit, they were constantly coordinating logistics. Carrie is so well-known I doubt if she can ever walk on the streets of New York alone.

We spoke about my daughter, the superstar of my life: Zoe. Small talk, yes. But she seemed engaged. And as she parted she said, "Give Zoe my best wishes." Zoe loved hearing that! Now we are buying every song Carrie Underwood has ever recorded!

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