Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For the People

"You've got to be an optimist to be a Democrat, but a humorist to stay one." These words from Mark Twain somehow seem appropriate after day two of their convention in Denver.

No mater your political views, Senator Ted Kennedy's appearance was a powerful and dramatic moment. And yes, Senator Hillary Clinton did deliver a powerful and very presidential address last night. But all the back room maneuvering, theatrics and endless media analysis, filling every available second of airtime, has stolen the show. For me, this all raises several questions. Here are a few:

What does this say about the Democratic Party?

What does this say about the leadership skills of Obama?

Are the Clintons the center of the universe?

Why were the opinions of Hillary Clinton's speech expressed on Fox News so vastly different from those expressed on MSNBC?

Why don't commentators focus on the issues?

Based on what I have seen so far from the McCain campaign, I expect the Republican gathering next week in Minnesota will be more of the same.

Is there any question about why so many Americans are disengaged from politics? Democracy may the the least imperfect political system, but there sure is room for improvement.

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