Monday, August 27, 2012

Zoe's Fashion Show

There is nothing more rewarding for a parent than watching your child create something meaningful.  Earlier this month, Zoe Peyronnin participated in a design and fashion exhibit at Parsons The New School of Design, here in New York City.  And Zoe's dress was a big hit.

Parsons offers summer school courses in a variety of design disciplines.  And this year hundreds of students traveled from around the globe to take classes.  Zoe's passion is fashion design.  She has been interested since a very young age, and has consistently shown a creative flair.

But this class was the first chance she had to conceive, design and create a piece of clothing.  The display would also include some sort of compatible visual display.  In preparation, her mother, Susan Zirinsky, bought Zoe a sewing machine, which she brought to school several times.  But Zoe did everything on her own. 

Zoe sensed that leather would make a very timely and elegant look.  She traveled to New York's Garment District and selected the specific leather she would use.  As you can see, the top of the dress is a solid black leather, while the bottom piece of leather has a python like design.  The two pieces complement themselves and together are a most stylish look.  One admirer was heard to say, "Where can I buy it?"

Zoe had a very fulfilling and rewarding experience at Parsons, and she has made many new friends that share her passion for fashion design.  This was the first step in what may become a wonderful career.

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