Saturday, April 11, 2009

Guaranteed Scam

We have not owned a car in 20 years. Of course, we live in New York City. Here we can walk, take a cab or the subway most everywhere we want to go.

Yet we all have been inundated with calls to our home and cell phones from the "Warranty Service Center." The taped message says, "Dear Mr. Peyronnin, your car warranty is about to run out." Then, "please press one to renew your warranty." Well, I pressed one and was routed to a live person.

"What is the make and vehicle number of your car," I was asked by someone who seemed to be in a state of stress. Let's see, they have my name and my phone number. What else do you think they want from me, money?

So I asked, "what company is this?"

The "Warranty Service Center," the lady responded.

"Why are you calling me since I haven't owned a car in twenty years?" I asked.

Slam, she hung up.

So I "*" 69'd her number, but a recording said "the number of your last incoming call cannot be called back."

It turns out that thousands of people throughout America are getting these calls.

Next time I get one of these calls I am going to say the following:

"Thank you for calling. You don't know me, but due to circumstances beyond my control I must ask you a favor. My late aunt, who was the duchess of York, has left me the sum of $5 billion in her will. I must collect it immediately. To help secure my inheritance, I must to provide a down payment of $150,000 to a Swiss bank account #1S2C3A4M. If you can lend me the down payment, I promise I will split my inheritance 50-50 with you. And you will not need a warranty!"

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