Monday, July 14, 2008

A Passing Storm

As clouds blackened the summer sky
Gusting winds shoved the warm air aside
Lightening streaked with its fiery flash
While thunder roared, crackled and crashed

The rain gushed down from on high
Obscuring all before the naked eye
Inundating mountains, homes and trees
Pounding churches and shuddering leaves

Smashing on rooftops, awnings and eaves

Bouncing on sidewalks and cobblestone streets
Roiling and swirling in city squares
Washing down porches and patio stairs

Two people sheltered in a small hideaway
Suddenly detected a promising ray
Brightly projected on a nearby wall
As if to signal the end of the fall

The horrible torrent slowly diminished
And when the rain was nearly finished
The sun replaced those fearsome clouds
Leaving life replenished; again it abounds

(Cernobbio, Italy, July 2008)

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