Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In a Heartbeat

A sunny sky. A calm sea. A meandering stream. A happy child.

Suddenly they can be wracked, upended, overturned and convulsed.

It is particularly sad when an insidious and incurable disease shockingly and inexplicably threatens a hopeful and promising young life. With no warning, no visible signs and certainly no good reason.

A massive jolt of emotion tears through the family, friends, a social community. The tremors and aftershocks shake and rattle for days. Overcome and seized with profound grief and empathetic emotions, they all try to offer comfort, support, even an embrace.

Yet there is nothing they can do to change the course of events.

It is overwhelmingly painful when the victim is twelve years old. Of course, life is never ever fair. But this horror is exceedingly irrational and excessively inhumane.

Is this part of some grand design? If so, this raises doubts, skepticism and serious questions. For instance, why is this child not worthy of a long, fulfilling and meaningful life?

There must be a cure, a short-term remedy, or even a palliative. How can we forestall fate, delay the inevitable, extend the time?

How can we ease the pain?

It can all happen in a heartbeat.

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