Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Zoe is 18!

This has been a particularly special time in our household.  Our daughter, Zoe, turned 18 years-old on Monday, St. Patrick's Day.  Though she is not Irish, in fact, she is Chinese, there is no doubt she was born on a very special day for us.

Zoe was 10 months old when Susan and I traveled to Hefei, China, to adopt her.  We journeyed with four other families, all from New York state.  The families have kept close, and we hold a reunion every year at our home to celebrate the day.  We have watched our toddlers become little girls, then teens.  Each has pursued their own interests and passions, including ice skating, singing and swimming.  They are now a group of fine young ladies.

Zoe has grown to be a bit taller than 5 feet tall.  She is fashion oriented, and also is a terrific writer.   But Zoe has faced some challenges that are not uncommon among adopted children.  Being a young girl in the age of social media, competitive private schools and life in a big city, life can be a bit confusing.  Adolescence is a time of personal discovery, and the search for identity can be daunting.  

Parents don't have answers to all the questions that arise in a blooming young lady.  We provide Zoe guidance, maybe too much at times, and total support.  We love her and are extraordinarily devoted to her.  We are grateful for every minute of our life with her, and we are exceedingly proud of her. 

So here's to a very special girl, now 18, and on the way to adulthood.  Happy birthday. 

                                                                  We Love You!

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