Friday, April 19, 2013

Broadcast News Screening 4/17/2013

The 1987 movie Broadcast News was featured by IFC on Wednesday night. Steely Dan's Donald Fagen had been asked by IFC's Robert Milazzo to select a film for a screening and discussion. Donald said he selected about Broadcast News because of its writing and detail in representing the television news industry. IFC reached out to Holly Hunter, who starred in the movie as producer Jane Craig. Holly agreed to appear at the screening. But then she contacted me to see if Susan Zirinsky, my wife and Jane Craig role model, and I would attend. We happily agreed. 

A near full house attended the screening in a theater in New York's West Village. The crowd was largely older and all clearly fans of the movie. I had not seen the movie in its entirely for twenty years, and Susan had not seen it in a decade. It was truly wonderful. The premise is still relevant today, James L. Brook's writing and directing was brilliant. The movie received eight Oscar nominations, but failed to win any as Moonstruck swept the awards that year. Following the screening, our group answered a broad range of questions from the audience.
Joe Peyronnin, Susan Zirinsky, Donald Fagen, Holly Hunter, Robert Milazzo of IFC

Susan and I first met Jim in 1984, the day we eloped in San Francisco. He exposed us to the magical world of Hollywood, and introduced us to many new friends who we remain close to. Here's a piece I wrote about the movie's twentieth anniversary: BROADCAST NEWS.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,

I would have flown in for this event in a minute. One of my all-time favorite films, composer/artist, and I haven't seen you in years. Will keep closer tabs from now on!

Your review of the event was great.

I'm in NYC the first week of May - will hope to connect then.

Jeff Kazanow