Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Go San Francisco Giants!

One year ago July, Zoe and I were given the opportunity of a lifetime by San Francisco Giants' president Larry Baer.

Susan and I eloped at San Francisco's city hall in 1984 immediately following the Democratic Nation Convention. Susan and I were covering the convention for CBS News.

In July 2009 I arranged to take Susan and Zoe to San Francisco for a twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration. I contacted a former CBS colleague of mine, Larry Baer, who is now president of the San Francisco Giants. He arranged for me to buy three second row box seats right next to the Giants dugout.

The night before the game Susan was recalled to New York by CBS News to produce an instant "Michael Jackson Special" on the singer's life and very sudden and suspicious death. So Zoe and I attended the game, along with our friend Mark Larkin. We all ended up sitting in the front row for several innings.

Suddenly, in the middle of the fourth inning, the scoreboard revealed the following message, "Happy Anniversary to Joe and Susan Peyronnin from Your SF Giants!" I was able to capture and email Susan a picture of the scoreboard. What a thrill for all of us.

So this is a brief explanation of why I, a lifelong and much suffering Cubs fan, am pulling for the Giants to win it all. I have seen Willie Mays, Willie McCovery and even Bobby Thompson play in Wrigley Field. What a great tradition.

We are big fans of Larry Baer, the Giants organization and beautiful San Francisco. Go Giants!

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