Monday, December 28, 2009

The American Rockies

The Rocky Mountains majestically tower into the winter sky. Proud and beautiful, they command respect from every direction.

The Rockies have endured centuries of rapidly changing weather patterns, which often batter these behemoths with fierce gusts and slashing storms only to give way to intense sunlight and heat. They are unmoved by wind whipping down narrow passes and valleys. Sleet, ice and freezing rain do not faze them. Clouds often embrace the highest peaks and are visible for a hundred miles. The sun illuminates their grandeur. The blue and white sky provides a glorious backdrop.

Pine trees and Aspens wash across the face of these great mountains, providing a green and white blanket interspersed with rocks and crags. Snowballs, clinging to a million tree branches, hang as seasonal ornaments. Steams, clogged with ice, gurgle and snake downward to lakes and reservoirs. Life here is rough, stoic and real.

In a century the world around the Rockies will have evolved. One hundred winters and untold blizzards will have come and gone. Yet these mountains fear nothing; they demand awe. They are constant. They are the inner strength of America.