Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vote Pablo!

Zoe and I attended the match up between the San Francisco Giants and the Florida Marlins at cool AT&T Park. We sat next to the Giant's dugout three rows from the field. In the fifth inning we moved down to the front row, which was a great vantage point to see the Giants hold on to their one run victory.

Mark Larkin, SVP of CBSNews.Com, joined us. Giant's President Larry Baer had arranged for our seats in the owner's box. Larry is an old friend of mine from CBS, where he worked in the late eighties and early nineties, and he showed up with his family in the second inning. In the fourth inning he had arranged "Happy Anniversary Joe and Susan Peyronnin" to appear on the giant jumbo-tron screen in centerfield. Regretfully Susan had been recalled to New York to produce a special on Michael Jackson's funeral.

Giant's third baseman Pablo Sandoval stepped up to the plate in the fourth with the bases loaded. There is an Internet campaign to get him on the All-Star team. I yelled out, "Pablo, if you want to be an All-Star, show it by hitting a grand slam!" Sure enough he did, over the left field wall. The crowd went crazy. After he circled the bases and entered the dugout, I yelled (from 20 feet away) "curtain call, curtain call!" His manager, Bruce Boche, waved for Pablo to take a bow. With that he stepped out of the dugout to thunderous applause. Vote for Pablo: SFGIANTS.COM.

Later Larry gave Zoe a game ball. Then the team mascot walked over and sat in her lap. The Marlins filled the bases in the ninth, but were only able to squeeze one across. Giants won in a nail-biter, 5 to 4. Vote Pablo!

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