Monday, March 16, 2009

Ron Silver

Ron Silver was a man of great passion and compassion.

His acting skills were remarkable, whether on stage, screen or television. He was a powerful presence whatever role he played. He was also a devoted parent. Ron was a wonderful and caring man, so I was most fortunate to spend time with him over the years.

Perhaps it was Ron's passion as a political activist that will be his most important legacy. For sure, at times he was controverisal. But he derserves great respect for his outspokenness, his candor and his commitment to this country.

I will miss him.

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USpace said...

God bless Ron Silver, he was a 'Liberal' who came to his senses about Jihadis and brutal Dictators. He knew they would destroy America, and Hollywood if they could. He realized that if America goes down the tubes, then the whole planet is doomed.

You were great Ron! Time Cop, Arrival, Wiseguy, and The West Wing among many were particularly good. Thank you for everything, especially your courage, RIP.
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