Saturday, February 14, 2009

Where's My Goat Cheese Salad?

Zoe and Susan dashed off for Los Angeles early last Sunday morning to attend the Grammy awards, for which Susan had managed to obtain two "all-access" passes. She had produced a Grammy special which aired on CBS the preceding Wednesday; it was anchored by Katie Couric.

Zoe and Susan attended the rehearsal, and sat in the front row next to Sir Paul McCartney, as the musicians went through their numbers. A problem arose when word was received that Chris Brown had beaten his girlfriend Rhianna. Their opening number had to be scrapped and Justin Timberlake was tapped to come up with a substitute. He was able to find Al Green and the two put something together. Timberlake worked hard to produce a stellar number.

Following the rehearsal Susan and Zoe talked with Timberlake for a few minutes, and then Susan was able to get a picture of Zoe and Al Green, which I posted on my Facebook site. Many of my Telemundo Miami friends commented on how Zoe had grown and referred to an incident involving goat cheese that had taken place years before in a Miami restaurant nearby my apartment on Brickle Key.

Zoe was not even four years old when she and Susan came to Miami for a few days vacation while I worked. One night we went out to dinner with a group from Telemundo. As the waiter took our drink orders Zoe said, "I want misghetti (spaghetti)with tomato sauce and a goat cheese salad." The waiter acknowledged her order and returned a couple minutes later with our drinks.

Impatiently, Zoe spoke up, "where's my goat cheese salad?" The waiter immediately retreated to the kitchen and returned with the salad. Everyone was laughing, but Zoey was earnest in her demand. And she didn't hesitate to begin eating the minute the salad was in front of her.

Sometimes the littlest things can leave a big impression.

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