Monday, November 10, 2008

Dead Donkey

Sal sells his donkey to Sam for $100.

A couple days later the donkey dies.

The Sam goes to the Sal and says, "that donkey you sold me died. I want my $100 back."

The Sal says, "I already spent the money."

The Sam says, "Okay, I'll keep the donkey, don't worry about it."

A few months later the two cross paths.

"What did you ever do with that dead donkey?" Sal asked.

Sam responded, "I sold it and made a big profit."

"How did you do that?" asked Sal.

"Well," said Sam, "I raffled it off at $2 a ticket and I sold 100 tickets."

Stunned Sal asked, "But the donkey was dead!"

Sam smiled, "Yeah, but I only had to tell that to one person."

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