Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman

I am deeply saddened to hear of Paul Newman's death. He was an extraordinary actor, race car enthusiast, humanitarian and philanthropist.

He had an apartment near our home on New York's Upper East Side. I would see him in the magazine shop, walking the streets of Carnegie Hill--with no entourage--and in local restaurants. On a couple of occasions I said hello to him and he warmly responded. I last saw him about a year ago at the local Italian restaurant. He was having dinner with his wife, the brilliant actress Joanne Woodward. I was with my daughter and I pointed him out to her. As she looked over to him, he acknowledged us with a nod and smile. "Zoe," I said, "he is one of the greatest actors of my lifetime."

Paul Newman made a positive difference for many children suffering from cancer. As magnetic a presence as he was on the screen, his life was a powerful example of "giving back" that everyone should emulate. God bless you Paul Newman.

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